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Thought Leader Interview Series

Provocative video and audio interviews with prominent artists, authors, thought leaders and CEOs led by RTC's Corey Blake.

Dorie Clark Dorie Clark

January 2016

About Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, TIME, Entrepreneur, and the World Economic Forum blog. Recognized as a “branding expert” by the Associated Press, Fortune, and Inc. magazine, she is the author of Reinventing You (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013). Her most recent book, Stand Out, was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine.

Arel Moodie Arel Moodie

January 2016

About Arel Moodie

Arel Moodie is a best selling author, motivational speaker, and host of one of the top career podcasts on iTunes, The Art of Likability. Growing up on welfare in Brooklyn, New York, he built a seven-figure education and event production company while still in his twenties. Honored by President Obama, featured in multiple TED Talks, and a contributing writer to multiple national publications, Arel's main focus is helping college students be successful. We are thrilled to share his expertise and enthusiasm with our subscribers!

Dr. Paul Zak Dr. Paul Zak

February 2016

About Dr. Paul Zak

Paul J. Zak is a scientist, prolific author, and public speaker. His book The Moral Molecule: The Source of Love and Prosperity was published in 2012 and was a finalist for the Wellcome Trust Book Prize. He is the founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies and Professor of Economics, Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University. He is passionate about the science of storytelling and persuasion and has earned the nickname "Dr. Love" for his research on oxytocin and relationships.

Melissa Reiff Melissa Reiff

March 2016

About Melissa Reiff

Melissa Reiff has been the President and Chief Operating Officer of The Container Store Group, Inc. since 2006 and March 2013 respectively. Ms. Reiff has played a critical role in enhancing and strengthening The Container Store's employee-first culture centered around its values-based Foundation Principles.

Doug Rauch Doug Rauch

March 2016

About Doug Rauch

Doug Rauch, CEO of Conscious Capitalism and the former president of Trader Joe's, helping grow the business from a small, nine-store chain in Southern California, to a nationally acclaimed retail success story with more than 340 stores in 30 states.

Meghan French Dunbar Meghan French Dunbar

Maren Keeley Maren Keeley

Spring 2016

About Meghan French Dunbar

Meghan is the co-founder of Conscious Company Magazine, the first print and digital, nationally distributed publication in the US to focus solely on sustainable business. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Conscious Company launched in January 2015 and has become a leader in the sustainability industry in only one year! Meghan has nearly a decade of experience in strategy development and project management and received her MBA in Sustainable Management. Prior to launching Conscious Company, she served as the Managing Editor of two national publications.

About Maren Keeley

Along with Meghan, Maren is the Co-Founder of Conscious Company Magazine and holds an MBA in Sustainable Systems. She spent fifteen years as a chef in high-end restaurants, ran her own catering business, and managed large teams of employees at two flagship Whole Foods Market locations. An art major in college, her experience and interests span multiple areas! We cannot wait for you to get to know these two amazing women who are using their knowledge and passion to change the business industry for the better!

​Lori Darley ​Lori Darley

Spring 2016

About ​Lori Darley

Lori Darley is an RTC full book development client, a transformational coach and consultant, and the founder and CEO of Conscious Leaders LLC. Lori has coached multi-national corporations, entrepreneurs, and individuals in the non-profit, arts, and management consulting sectors, among many others. A former Artistic Director for a professional contemporary dance company, Lori ties her creativity and physical training experience to her coaching, bringing a very unique (and welcomed!) perspective to her clients. We can't wait for our subscribers to hear more from Lori!

Haley Rushing Haley Rushing

Spring 2016

About Haley Rushing

Haley is the Chief Purposologist and Co-Founder of The Purpose Institute in Austin, Texas. She aslo co-authored the Wall Street Journal best seller, It's Not What You Sell, It's What You Stand For. Haley has personally helped major corporations such as Whole Foods Market, Southwest Airlines, and the American Red Cross to discover their values and purpose and strive to meet these on a daily basis. Haley is proud to be involved in Conscious Capitalism events throughout the country, and we can't wait to share Haley's passion and expertise with you!

Annie Wersching Annie Wersching

Spring 2016

About Annie Wersching

Currently starring as Lily Salvitore on The Vampire Diaries, Annie's career was kicked into high gear when she landed a starring role on General Hospital and was then cast opposite Kiefer Sutherland on 24. She has since worked with Stephen Spielberg on Extant and bestselling author Michael Connelly in the Amazon series, Bosch.

Writers' Series Interviews

A brass tacks interview series on the writing process led by RTC's editorial team.

Katie Gutierrez Katie Gutierrez

January 2016

About Katie Gutierrez

As Executive Editor of Round Table Companies, Katie has co-written nine books and edited upwards, she guesses, of seventy! She has also written a collection of short stories under her own name and is currently working on a novel. Katie's deeply-rooted love of writing began in third grade and has only grown since! After graduating with a bachelor's degree in English and philosophy in 2006, she worked as a journalist for People magazine before receiving her MFA in fiction from Texas State University in 2011. She also founded Legacy Editorial Consulting in 2007, shortly before meeting Corey Blake and joining RTC, where she has shared her immense talent for nearly a decade!

Katherine Catmull Katherine Catmull

February 2016

About Katherine Catmull

Katherine Catmull is a writer and stage actor in Austin, Texas. Her books include the young adult fantasies The Radiant Road and Summer and Bird, both from Dutton Young Readers/Penguin. She is also one of four co-authors of The Cabinet of Curiosities from Greenwillow/HarperCollins, which is a collection of scary short stories for tweens and teens. Kathy's also a voice actor for video games, an arts writer for the Austin Chronicle, a freelance editor and writing coach, and a playwright.

Aleksandra Corwin Aleksandra Corwin

March 2016

About Aleksandra Corwin

Aleksandra Corwin is an executive editor at RTC. She is also an award-winning journalist and freelance writer. She has co-authored or edited nearly a dozen books, ranging from spiritual and historical memoirs, to books on leadership, personal development, and overcoming trauma. She specializes in interviewing smart people on esoteric subjects, and then trying to make sense of it all. She has reported extensively from around the world, with a particular focus on people in troubled hot zones like Afghanistan, Burma, and Tibet. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Huffington Post, among others. Aleks says that pulling stories out of people who often don’t even know they have one inside them is one of the best aspects of her job.

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