Round Table CompaniesRound Table Companies' Path to Purpose

The Dashboard

The central place to track your progress throughout your Path to Purpose journey.

  • Keep track of your progress across the program

  • Pathways are broken down into 3 categories: Purpose, Writing, Exploring

  • Each Pathway is a collection of lessons and activies

  • We provide news and updates regarding upcoming interviews, resources, and more



Lessons and activities are grouped into three distinct sets of pathways.

Watch Corey's overview:

  • Purpose Pathways - You’ll dive into a deep exploration of your goals, your values, your purpose
  • Writing Your Story Pathways - You’ll focus on the craft of storytelling, define your writing style, and improve your writing ability
  • Keep Exploring Pathways - You’ll find additional resources (articles, videos, and activities) to continue your journey

New Content Every Month

New pathways (each including structured lessons), expert webinars, Writers' Series interviews, and group coaching calls are offered each month!


Lessons are the building blocks for each pathway and include articles, videos, reflection questions, assignments, and activities. An example of a sample lesson structure is:

Watch Corey's overview:

  • Read - Relevant articles from RTC writers, editors, and external authors
  • Watch - Videos from RTC's CEO, notable authors, thought leaders, and more
  • Do - Thoughtfully designed activities allowing deeper exploration of the lesson's content
  • Share - Opportunities to share your progress (and stumbling blocks!) with other participants on this journey within a private Facebook group

Strategically Organized

to build a compelling experience of self-inspection

  • Visual indication of how many Lessons you've completed in a Pathway

  • Always know where you are with our dynmaic navigation system

  • Content is designed and formatted for the optimal reading and processing environment


Activities & Sharing

Self-application, commitment, and a willingness to be vulnerable are critical to completing your path to purpose.

Watch Corey's overview:

  • Reflection Questions - Thoughtfully created to maximize the value of each article and video's content
  • Downloadable Activities - Expand upon the prior work in each lesson and actively engage you with the content
  • Community - Our private Facebook group of fellow participants help to support (and challenge!) your goal-defining and writing processes as well as offering encouragement when needed

Beautiful and Practical

Each meticulously designed activity comes as a printable PDF in case you prefer to complete your work with pen and paper.

Fostering Community

Draw excitement, momentum, and insights from fellow thinkers, joy seekers, accountability partners, and legacy creators—others seeking to share their stories with the world.

  • Share with Confidence - Your contributions will be accepted without judgment
  • Build Relationships - You'll form a strong bond with others going through the same process
  • Get Help - Writing can be a lonely and very difficult task, but you'll find other participants happy to lend a helping hand

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