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What exactly is Path to Purpose?

For more than a decade, we here at Round Table Companies have been guiding CEOs and thought leaders to write their books, articulate their purpose, rebrand their organizations, and connect more deeply with their tribes. And while we LOVE that work, we realize that not everyone can afford full-team development packages. We asked ourselves how we could support a broader range of clients seeking to share their stories—and so Path to Purpose was born.

Path to Purpose was founded on RTC’s unique process, strategies, and values. It’s a self-guided journey that empowers users to learn and grow in many related areas: storytelling, book writing, personal development, branding, community building, and more.

Path to Purpose, which is a monthly subscription-based program, was designed to be customizable to your specific interests and goals. The program includes a wide array of lessons, videos, resources, prompts, activities, and challenges, as well as new webinars, interviews, and group coaching calls every month.

Please visit our Program Features page for a more in-depth tour of Path to Purpose!

I’m drawn to the idea of finding my purpose, but I'm not sure I want to write a book. Should I still consider subscribing?

We believe that your purpose—what drives you and what you’re here on earth to do—is inextricable from your story. The things you’ve seen, the places you’ve been, and the people you’ve known have shaped you in countless ways.

In our experience, sharing your story is a key component of personal growth and development. For many people, this means writing a book. For others, it means creating a blog, writing a script, keeping a journal, making a video series—you get the picture. It’s up to you how you share your story, just as it’s up to you how you tailor Path to Purpose’s many resources to your particular goals.

In short, yes! We encourage you to explore Path to Purpose and discover how your story plays a strong role in your personal development.

I’m drawn to the idea of writing a book, but I’m not sure about all this other stuff, like “personal development” and “finding my purpose.” Should I still consider subscribing?

When you write a book—whether it’s a nonfictional account of your own life, or a work of fiction—your book is made much stronger by first building a foundation of values and purpose. This type of personal development shows up in your book’s themes and message, helps you connect with your audience, and provides guidance as you build your tribe following the book’s publication. Ultimately, Path to Purpose meets you at the intersection of storytelling, purpose, personal development, vulnerability, personal branding, and connection.

In short, yes! We encourage you to explore how the program’s personal development components can strengthen your story.

How much time should I expect to dedicate to this program?

The time you dedicate to Path to Purpose depends on your schedule, your goals, and the pace at which you work. We recommend spending approximately three to five hours per week with Path to Purpose to ensure your momentum and keep you moving toward your goals.

As you move through the program’s content, you will be reading articles, watching videos, considering reflection questions, completing activities, and sharing your progress with our community.

You will also likely want to devote one to two hours per week to community opportunities. This may mean participating in group coaching calls, listening to interviews with RTC writers and editors, or viewing webinars with CEOs, thought leaders, and published authors.

There is no right or wrong way to move through Path to Purpose. If you find yourself taking longer than expected on a given activity, lesson, or pathway, that’s fine! The program is intensive, and we hope you’ll give yourself the time and space to work and reflect deeply and with focus.

I love the thought of sharing my story, but I hate/I am terrified of writing. Does the program offer writing support?

Absolutely! Writing is a gut-wrenching, stress-inducing process for many if not most people, published authors included. We know that encouragement, feedback, and support are vital components of the writing process. One of RTC’s core values is community, and so when we created Path to Purpose, we considered it essential for the program to include a strong community support component.

Path to Purpose users regularly share their progress, questions, and concerns in the private P2P Facebook group; RTC’s staff writers and editors regularly chime in, too. Monthly group coaching calls are another feature of the program designed to build community and share knowledge.

If you determine that you simply aren’t meant to handle the writing aspect of your story yourself, yet you feel compelled to go on this journey, please consider RTC's full development program, in which a team of writers and editors helps bring your book to life.

What is the coaching program?

We understand that some people need to be held accountable in order to accomplish goals. (Many people hire personal trainers to ensure they’ll go to the gym, and others join book clubs to ensure they’ll read books!) If you feel that you need extra accountability, we offer a coaching option that pairs you with an RTC editor to assist in your progression through the program.

Two coaching program packages offer two different levels of support: eight and sixteen hours per month. During the initial stages of the program, the eight-hour package is ideal to help you move through the preparatory work crucial to building your book’s foundation. Once you begin writing, the sixteen-hour package gives your editor time to get in the trenches with you and play a more significant role in shaping your work.

Once my book is finished, what's next for me?

Don't worry—we'll be thrilled to help support you in the next phase of your journey! RTC offers a full slate of writing and publishing services, should you elect to partner with us once your manuscript is complete. At that point, you will have the option of hiring an editor to strengthen your manuscript before it is proofread and prepared for publication. Our services include custom cover design, internal formatting, and publishing options. For authors with significant platforms that could attract major publishers, RTC also offers book proposal writing support and agent liaising.

What is Round Table Companies?

RTC was originally founded more than ten years ago as a writing company—the conduit between professional writers and business people who needed their services. Because of our founder's background in storytelling, RTC was quickly sought out to support the book writing process. RTC evolved to include not only book writing and publishing, but also community building and a wide variety of other creative services.

The RTC team has grown to nearly forty professional writers, editors, designers, illustrators, educators, and operations staff who keep us all in line! We are a close-knit family who believes in the power of storytelling to change the world. You can learn more about RTC here.

Who is Corey Blake?

Corey is the Founder and CEO of Round Table Companies and has led RTC's efforts in book writing, publishing, community building, and thought leadership since 2005. A former stage, screen, and voiceover actor, Corey has also co-authored numerous books and is an often-requested speaker at national conferences and events. In other words, what hasn't Corey done?

He's excited to lend his talent and expertise to multiple facets of Path to Purpose.

I love Corey's t-shirt! Is it possible to purchase one?

Yes, it is! Check out our fabulous store for unique and eye-catching RTC and "Vulnerability Is Sexy." merchandise!