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You Have a Story to Tell.
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This guided program will help you define your purpose and values, determine the story you are meant to share, and support you in taking those initial steps to get started on this journey.

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What if you could…

  • Find clarity and a sense of purpose around who you are and the story you are meant to tell?
  • Create a road map for the book that will attract amazing opportunities to you for the next ten years?
  • Write a book that motivates you to change your entire life for the better?
  • Write the book that the world most needs from you?

This course will assist you in articulating your core values and allow them to serve as a compass throughout your journey. We’re going to help you clarify and then draft your purpose so you can write a book in alignment with where you want to go.

Then, we’re going to provide you with some key pieces of support and structure that will allow you to begin this journey and start the process of writing your book.

We want to help you build a life of purpose and create the centerpiece of your future by sharing your story.

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Lessons are the building blocks for the pathway and include articles, videos, reflection questions, assignments, and activities.

  • Read - Relevant articles from RTC writers, editors, and external authors
  • Watch - Videos from RTC's CEO to guide you through this path of discovery
  • Do - Thoughtfully designed activities allowing deeper exploration of the lesson's content


Self-application, commitment, and a willingness to be vulnerable are critical to completing your path to purpose.

  • Reflection Questions - Thoughtfully created to maximize the value of each article and video's content
  • Downloadable Activities - Expand upon the prior work in each lesson and actively engage you with the content

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Lesson 1: Who Are You?

We define ourselves in many ways—by our professions, by our relationships, by our belief systems, and beyond. In order to access your true self, you’ll delve deeper into your essence, values, and purpose.

Lesson 2: What Are Your Goals?

When we set out toward a destination, what do we need? A map. Goals, both short-term and long-term, are valuable tools to help you stay on course.

Lesson 3: What Is Your Purpose?

In the tremendous scope of human experience, we sometimes struggle to bring our purpose into focus. By exploring your unique gifts, skills, experiences, and desired impact, you’ll can gain clarity around why you are here.

Lesson 4: What Are Your Core Values?

Core values are the points of our internal compasses, guiding us in our activities, relationships, and decisions. Articulating and strengthening your core values will be essential to staying on your chosen path.

Lesson 5: How Do You Find Alignment?

When we’re feeling out of balance, we can reinvigorate ourselves by checking to see whether our goals, purpose, and core values are in alignment. When these elements are working in harmony, you’ll experience inspiration, engagement, joy, and just the right amount of challenge.

Lesson 6: What Does It Mean to Tell Your Story?

We may feel daunted by the prospect of sharing our unique stories with others. But imagine what could be possible if you truly reached people with your experiences, ideas, and purpose—if you shared the light that burns inside you.

Lesson 7: What Do You Have to Say?

We all have stories that have shaped us, stories we check out again and again from the libraries in our minds. What stories have shaped your goals, purpose, and core values, and how do you tell these stories?

Lesson 8: How Will Your Story Change the World?

Sharing our stories is how we forge deep connections with others, understand the past, and move into the future. When you offer your story to others, you make the world a richer, more connected place.

Lesson 9: Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

Fear can take many forms, but its effect is always the same—fear blocks our path, preventing us from moving forward. Once you determine how fear takes shape in your life and in your journey, you can conquer it and keep on moving.

Lesson 10: Where Do You Go from Here?

You’ve put time, energy, and love into this important work. It’s time to announce your intentions, maintain your momentum, and celebrate your great progress!