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You Have a Story to Tell

This guided program will help you define your purpose and values, determine the story you are meant to share, and craft this story into your first book!

Program Features


What if you could…

  • write a book that attracts amazing opportunities to you for the next ten years?
  • write a book that motivates you to change your entire life for the better?
  • write the book that the world most needs from you?
  • do all this surrounded by a loving family of experts who have guided hundreds of thought leaders and CEOs through the process of sharing their story?

We’re going to assist you in articulating your core values and allow them to serve as a compass throughout your journey.

We’re going to help you clarify and then draft your purpose so you can write a book in alignment with where you want to go. Then, we’re going to provide a structure for you to efficiently and expertly write your book!

We want to help you build a life of purpose and create the centerpiece of your future by sharing your story.

Start Writing Your Book